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Namak paray

Namak paray The unique story of ‘Namak Parey’, a laugh-a-riot comedy, revolves around ‘Mithu’ and ‘Maina’. Fahad ‘Mithu’ is an honest, sincere, kind and loving guy who is happily married to Maina. While Fahad is a cartoonist by profession, his wife is bold, adventurous and talkative girl. Maina believes that life is boring without any twists.

Namak Paray 21st February 2016

Namak Paray 7th February 2016

Namak Paray 31st January 2016

Namak Paray 24th January 2016

Namak Paray 17th January 2016

Namak paray 10th January 2016