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Sanyukt The show revolves around the lives of the Mehta family clan, their relationships with each other, their joys, sorrows and eventually their love for each other. Govardhan Mehta is a simple and traditional man, lives with his wife Ila Mehta. They have 4 sons – Parimal, Niranjan, Rahul & Sameer and 1 daughter – Devyani who is married. Uday, Palak, Bijal, Nikita and Punita are his 4 grandchildren who complete the Mehta family.

Sanyukt 2nd February 2017

Sanyukt 1st February 2017

Sanyukt 31st January 2017

Sanyukt 30th January 2017

Sanyukt 27th January 2017

Sanyukt 26th January 2017

Sanyukt 25th January 2017

Sanyukt 24th January 2017