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Aarambh KV Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of Bahubali has come up with new show Aarambh. The serial will be based on Aaryan and Dravidian civilization. The interesting news that Bahubali’s Devsena is going to be part of this show. Writer has named the lead female character as Devsena. This is the same name given to Anushka Shetty in ‘Bahubali’.

Aarambh 10th September 2017

Aarambh 9th September 2017

Aarambh 3rd September 2017

Aarambh 2nd September 2017

Aarambh 27th August 2017

Aarambh 26th August 2017

Aarambh 20th August 2017

Aarambh 19th August 2017