For the first time ever, the story of Chandragupta and warrior princess Nandni will come alive to the viewers through the epic show Chandra Nandini. A never said before love story of Chandragupta and Nandni, a spoil of war, who marries the person who destroyed her family and everything she loved. This high-octane drama will capture the royal couple and the untold chapter of Chandragupta Maurya's life, bringing two individuals together, uniting them with hatred.

Rajat Tokas who will portray the role of Chandragupt has been formerly known for his roles in a series of mythological sagas and is well-prepared to take his audience to the new story of capturing and building the Mauryan Empire, alongside his relationship with Nandni, his queen and daughter of his biggest enemy.

Nandni, played by Shweta Basu Prasad, is a princess who was apple of her father's eye and raised equal to her eight brothers. Trained in warfare Nandni grew up to be a warrior princess, whose world revolved around her family and kin, whom she sees falling apart in front of her eyes.

Storyteller of countless passionate love stories, Ekta Kapoor said, "There has been an anticipation to witness the story of Chandragupt Maurya since time immemorial. My script is unique in bringing the perspective of the Emperor as his self and with my second protagonist, Nandni an equal, warrior princess of her time. Chandragupta and Nandni are two equally strong characters born together in an era, where destiny brings them together, to be bound by hatred, and yet lay the foundation of one of the most prosperous and peaceful era of history. Their story will defy all norms of love and relationship between a husband and his wife."