As per the ongoing track, Dhruv is not able to accept the fact that Thapki loves Bihaan and happy in her life with him. Thapki knows about Dhruv’s ill intention to create a havoc in Thapki and Bihaan”s marriage.

We have witnessed the efforts made by Dhruv to break Bihaan and Thapki’s relationship but Thapki has been trying her best to protect her relationship with Bihaan.

As per the sources, Thapki will plan to expose Dhruv’s ill intentions and plot a hindi camera to capture all his activities. Dhruv makes a confession about his intentions and challenges Thapki that he will stop her alliance with Bihaan. Thapki will be successful in recording Dhruv’s confession. However, Dhruv will find out about the hidden camera.

So let’s see Thapki will be able to expose Dhruv or her attempt will be foiled.