Sahil, who turned into an obsessive lover of Swara, creating havoc in Sanskar and Swara's love life on Swaragini, takes an exit.

Sahil will be seen kidnapping Swara and pressurizing her to marry him in the upcoming episodes. Swara will agree on marrying Sahil as she plans to trick Sahil, plotting out a plan to get him caught. Swara will trick Sahil into taking her to a mall where Sanskar would already be present to get him arrested.

However, Sahil's men will abduct Sanskar, and Swara would be left with no choice but to play along with the plan. Swara and Sahil would be about to get married when Police will reach the spot and arrest Sahil at Mandap. Swara will slap Sahil and shock him by revealing to him that it was all her plan.