Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will now bring in a light-hearted moment amidst the emotional turmoil, the Bhalla family is facing concerning Ruhi's custody.

We recently saw how the judge suggested Ishita to avoid any arguments with Raman while dining at the restaurant else the decision of Ruhi's custody would not be given in her favour. All goes well until some goons came over to 'IshRa's' table and threatened them.In the episodes ahead, the goons will assume the couple to be some 'Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal', and will kidnap them and demand a ransom.

A source from the sets of the show informs, "The goons will point a gun at Raman and Ishita which will scare out Raman, who will agree to fulfill their demand. However, Ishita will object this which will irk Raman. The tensed circumstance will turn humorous when an annoyed Raman will ask the goons to shoot Ishita due to her objections. The track will soon end with the hero beating up the goons and getting his lady love out of the goon's clutches."
The viewers will also see a glimpse of Raman and Ishita's romance in the kidnapping drama.

This track will progress to the BIG TWIST where Ishita will be shown admitted to the ICU for a prolonged period as she gets injured severely while escaping the goons, who attack them again. The future track will not showcase Ishita contributing to any development as the actress is all set to tie a knot with Vivek Dahiya on July 8.