A new drama is going to unfold in Swaragini.Swara is back to Sanskar and everyone is happy at the moment.But their happiness will not last for long as another major twist is awaited on the show Swaragini.

Swara with her comeback has exposed Parineeta and slapped her. Maheshwari family has now thrown Parineeta out of the house for her evil deeds. However, Parineeta has a big secret of Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) which she will use as a weapon now.

Parineeta will blackmail Ragini to bring her back to Maheshwari house else she would expose her fake pregnancy in front of everyone. Parineeta is irked after being insulted by everyone and has joined hands with Sahil. Sahil who is crazy about Swara and wants her at any cost will decide to help Parineeta.

However, now the question that comes in is, will Ragini go against Swara to bring Parineeta back in the house. Parineeta, who has earlier tried to kill Swara, will she get an entry back in the Maheshwari house? Will Ragini be able to keep her secret of fake pregnancy safe from everyone?