The track will begin with Ishita going missing and everyone worrying about her. They will come to know about the kidnapping only when Ruhi comes home alone, while everyone thought Ishita was with her.

Adi, who got her Ishi Ma back after ages, will question Mani on her absence. He will blame Mani and tell his family that Mani does not want Ishita to marry Raman and so he got her kidnapped. Aaliya will come as a savior for Mani saying that he can never do this. But in return, Adi will start accusing Aaliya for supporting Mani, while doubting both of them for Ishita's kidnapping.

Mani, on the other hand, is clueless over all the accusations as he could have never even in his wildest of dreams thought about harming Ishita, for any reason.